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LuciPac®A3, 20 szt.

Producent Kikkoman

Storage temp. +4 °C
Transport temp. ambient temp.

For testing for the contamination of surfaces by ATP/ADP/AMP measurement using Lumitester PD30 and SMART.
20 LuciPac®A3 each are packed in a resealable aluminium bag. Store in a dark place.

For the reliable monitoring of dry and moist surfaces as well as solutions in the manufacturing industry, in the food and feed sector, in patient care and nursing, in gastronomy and trade, in training and in many other areas.

Wszystkie zalety:
  • Quick and easy sampling
  • Simple and fast measurement within seconds
  • Sensitive and reproducible measurement
  • Measurement of all forms - ATP, ADP and AMP


LuciPac®A3 is not suitable for the detection of virus contamination.

Why A3 assay (ATP+ADP+AMP)?
A3 detects ATP+ADP+AMP offering higher sensitivity to find microorganisms and biofilms that others miss. Just as fast and easy to use as conventional tests, but its advanced chemistry produces superior detection to uncover contaminants that you may be missing.

LuciPac®A3 for hygiene control of surfaces
Wskazówki dotyczące zastosowania

Remove the cotton swab (green holder) from the tube. Moisten the cotton swab with tap water if the surface is completely dry.
Wipe the object/the surface. An area of approx. 10 x 10 cm2 is recommended for optimum results.
Put the cotton swab back into the tube. Then press the stick down to open the reaction capsule.
Shake the LuciPac®A3 horizontally several times so that all the liquid flows into the lower reaction capsule.
Insert the entire LuciPac®A3 into the measuring chamber of the Lumitester PD30 or Smart and close the measuring chamber cover.
Press the ENTER key on the control panel to start the measurement process. The measurement results are displayed after 10 seconds.
Remove the sleeve of the LuciPac®A3 from the measuring chamber.

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